PortaScience is here to provide all of your testing and diagnostic product development services.

Product Development Services



PortaScience proudly offers the following services:


  • Portable, Point-of-Care Device Development

  • Test Strip Readers

  • Membrane Coating Services

    • Dip Coating

    • Micro Gravure Coating

  • Rapid Whole Blood Seperation

  • Conversion of Wet Chemistry to Dry Chemistry

  • Test Strip Development

  • Organic Synthesis

  • Compound Purification

  • Clinical Chemistry Reagent Development

  • Multi-Layer Lamination

    • Thin Films & Membranes

    • Adhesive & Polymer Coatings

  • Enzymes Stabilization

  • Protein Stabilization

  • GMP Design Control & Validation

  • Regulatory Submission Support 

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Organic Synthesis
Organic Synthesis

Membrane Coating Services
Membrane Coating Services

Dip coating Micro gravure coating

Portable, Point-of-Care Devices
Portable, Point-of-Care Devices

Organic Synthesis
Organic Synthesis