PortaScience has developed many innovative technology platforms that lend themselves to a variety of testing and monitoring applications in the healthcare, veterinary, agricultural, and consumer home health markets.

PortaCheck Products

PortaScience Subsidiary

PortaScience has developed a number of tests for the dairy industry that are marketed through its subsidiary, PortaCheck, Inc.

ß-HB Test Strip

Contract developed and commercialized

The STAT-Site® M ß-HB system is intended for the quantitative determination of ß-Hydroxybutyrate in serum or plasma, aiding in the diagnosis and monitoring of ketoacidosis


Contract developed and commercialized


'Test strip for fingerstick blood with a handheld digital reader


Availible For Licensing

Patented one step fingerstick blood test for Hemoglobin A1c


Licensed Out

Patented non-instrumented Prothrombin time test

Leukocyte Esterase Test

Availible for Licensing

Patented fingerstick test to estimate white cell count in whole blood

Field Test for Iodized Salt

Availible for Licensing

Semi-quantitative determination of iodine in iodized salt

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